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50 hasznos mondat angol nyelv gyakorlásra

Frissítve: 2023. máj. 19.

A következő mondatok keverve vannak: múlt, jelen és jövő időben.


  1. Állapítsd meg az alapmondat múlt, jelen vagy jövő idő.

  2. Írd le a hiányzó verziójait. Például, ha múlt idő, az az első mondat a lapon, majd írd le a jelen és jövő idejét is

Az 50 mondat:

  1. She walks to school every day.


A mondat JELEN időben van.

Múlt idő:

She walked to school every day.

Jelen idő: She walks to school every day.

Az alap mondatunk:

Jövő idő:

She will walk to school every day.

  1. I watched a movie last night.

  2. He will play soccer tomorrow.

  3. They bake cookies on weekends.

  4. We visited the museum yesterday.

  5. You will receive an email later.

  6. The cat jumps on the table.

  7. She danced at the party.

  8. He writes a letter.

  9. They cleaned their room yesterday.

  10. We will go to the beach next week.

  11. I cooked dinner for my family.

  12. The dog barks at strangers.

  13. She painted a beautiful picture.

  14. He reads books in his free time.

  15. They studied for the exam last night.

  16. We will go to visit Grandma tomorrow.

  17. You played the piano at the concert.

  18. The bird sings in the morning.

  19. She helped her friend with homework.

  20. He bought a new car last month.

  21. They will meet at the park later.

  22. We watched a fireworks show yesterday.

  23. You will find the answer soon.

  24. The tree grows tall and strong.

  25. She jogged in the park this morning.

  26. He fixed the broken chair.

  27. They swim in the pool during summer.

  28. We will have a party next Saturday.

  29. I walked to the store earlier.

  30. The baby giggles when tickled.

  31. She studied French for two years.

  32. He will finish the project by Friday.

  33. They played video games all night.

  34. We listened to music at the party.

  35. You will receive a gift on your birthday.

  36. The sun rises in the east.

  37. She danced ballet when she was young.

  38. He helped his mom with the chores.

  39. They will travel to Europe next month.

  40. We played basketball at the park.

  41. I wrote a poem for my girlfriend.

  42. The bird flew away from the nest.

  43. She sings beautifully in the choir.

  44. He fixed the leaky faucet.

  45. They read books before bed.

  46. We will plant flowers in the garden.

  47. You cleaned your room yesterday.

  48. The dog chases its tail.

  49. She will start a new job next week.

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